Distributor                   株式会社 与太呂新社

Store name                 相撲茶屋 いころ

Representative             梅野 敬子

Operation Supervisor     梅野 正志

Location                     〒605-0073

TEL                           075-551-0516

FAX                           075-541-1156

E-mail                        info@ikoro.jp

Payment method          代金引換、銀行振り込み、eコレクト

Required charges other than the product price

                                Only shipping and consumption tax will be charged.

Postage                     city 840 jpy, prefecture outside 1,050 jpy

Defective product For reasons other than defective products or accidents during shipping
Cancellations, returns or exchanges are not accepted.
If you find a wrong delivery or defective product, please contact us by phone or email.

Defective Item Exchange Refund Shipping We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer reasons.
We will pay for misdelivery and defective products.

Delivery time We will produce and ship within 3 days after receiving the order.

Delivery company Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.


◆ 駐車場(市営駐車場・知恩院駐車場)徒歩2分
◆ 京阪四条駅より徒歩9分

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