Personal information protection policy

"Ikoro" provides minimum personal information so that all users can use it with confidence.

"Ikoro" pays the utmost attention to the protection of personal information provided.

The concept of "Ikoro" regarding the protection of personal information is as follows.

■ For information on individuals, groups and corporations registered by our company,

It is used only to develop and provide cutting-edge functions and services in “Ikoro”,

We shall pay close attention to the protection of personal information of members.

■ This privacy policy is applicable only to the services provided by "Ikoro".

(The range is specified in item 1 below)

■ Except as specified in this agreement, we will not use it for any other purpose. (The purpose is defined in the following, item 2)

■ We will not disclose to third parties unless specified in this agreement. (Management is specified in the following, item 2)

■ Others We will carry out appropriate management on a regular basis by the method stipulated in this agreement.

■ "Ikoro" can change the privacy policy without the user's permission.

When “Ikoro” changes the acquisition of personal information, the method of use, the content of disclosure, etc.

Publish it in the notice on our website so that users can know its contents,

We will notify you by reflecting it in this privacy policy.

1. Scope to which the concept of "Ikoro" privacy policy is applied

■ Regarding the concept of "Ikoro" privacy policy,

It is applied when members use the "Ikoro" service.

■ Personal information collected when members use the service of “Ikoro”

It is managed in accordance with the concept of personal information protection of “Ikoro”.

■ “Ikoro” is directly provided as the concept of personal information protection of “Ikoro”

It is a service only, and services of other organizations, companies, etc. connected by links etc. are out of scope.

■ The use of "Ikoro" service is the responsibility of the user.

■ From our homepage and other homepages that have links to this homepage

Regarding any damage caused by the use of various information acquired, "Ikoro"

We do not take any responsibility.

2. Collection and use of personal information of "Ikoro"

"Ikoro" aims to develop and provide cutting-edge functions and services to all members.

Some personal information about the member is required.

■ Please manage the shop ID and password at your own risk.

-Change your password regularly to make it easier for others to guess your name, date of birth, and

We recommend that you avoid phone numbers.

-Please do not disclose, lend or transfer even acquaintances or friends.

-Please do not write your password in the inquiry email or Q & A on our website.

■ Use the collected personal information only to the extent necessary to provide the “Ikoro” service,

We will not provide it to any third party except in the following cases.

■ With the consent of the member

-When sending an e-mail requesting consent from members to use personal information

-A company that has a non-disclosure agreement with us in advance (for example, a subcontractor)

When disclosing within the limit necessary for

-For members, e-mail for advertising of our company or our business partners,

When sending direct mail

-The actions of members in "Ikoro" are "Ikoro" policy and announcement,

When it is deemed necessary to protect the rights or property of other members, a third party, or our company when the terms and conditions of "Ikoro" are violated.

-If you are required to disclose personal information in accordance with the law, such as a court or administrative order,

Or criminal investigation, elimination or prevention of infringement of rights against a third party,

If there is a need to comply with this

■ Members shall agree in advance to our company to use personal information in the manner specified above,

No objection shall be made.

■ In addition, in “Ikoro”, in the following cases, personal information of our business partners and members will be

I have something to share.

-When there is a business reason such as special service for members.

In this case, we will ask for the consent of the member before providing the information, and we will not provide it without consent.

-When making statistical data, market research, data analysis, etc.

In this case, we will only provide information that has been processed so that we cannot identify a specific individual.

3. Contact information

If you have any questions about the way of thinking about personal information shown here,

Please email us at the address.

Personal Information Manager: Masashi Umeno (


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